Mugendo Clubs

Ashbourne Kickboxing Club

Established in 2003, the Mugendo Club in Ashbourne, Meath runs classes for all ages every Monday and Thursday as well as circuit training every Wednesday.
For more information contact Liam Smyth 086 022 1604

Chanel Kickboxing Club, Coolock

The I.M.K.A. was founded by Larry Kidd, Liam McConalogue and Alan Johnson and started out as the Chanel Karate Club in 1983 in Chanel College, Coolock, Dublin 5. Mugendo Chanel Club runs classes for all ages every Monday and Wednesday.

Mugendo Kickboxing Clubs

Mugendo translated from Japanese means The Unlimited Way. It is a modern fighting system which combines the elements of boxing with powerful kicking techniques and movements associated with many martial arts. Training includes physical fitness, stretching, self-defence, kickboxing, kata, breaking techniques, grappling and weapons.


Martial Arts & Sports

Irish Martial Arts Commission

IMAC Represents the following Martial Arts.
Aikido - Kickboxing - Tae Kwon Do - Karate - Sumo - Kung Fu - Jiu Jitsu - Tai Chi - Muaythai - Ninjitsu - Bujitsu. Each Martial Art, has its own advisory board/governing body, who in turn has representatives sitting on the IMAC Executive committee.

The Irish Sports Council

The Irish Sports Council is a statutory sports agency responsible for the promotion, development and coordination of sport in Ireland, with structures, activities, strategy and news.